There are so many variables when it comes to pricing a tattoo. The complexity, size, and overall time it will take varies with each tattoo. Each artist has their own way of pricing, whether by hour, by piece, or a daily flat rate. Once a consultation is done with your artist, they’ll be able to give you a quote based off their assessment.

Aftercare can be confusing and worrisome. There are so many different theories about aftercare, and it can be difficult to know which methods to use. Our advice is to always listen to your artist as they have the knowledge and experience to know how to best to take care of their work. Once your appointment is finished, your artist will go over the aftercare process with you step-by-step.

No, we only focus on tattoos at our studio.

At 7MAG we guarantee our work. Touch-ups are free for the first year as long as you have taken the appropriate aftercare steps. Just contact your artist or the studio to book your touch-up. After the one-year mark, the artist will assess the tattoo and determine the appropriate pricing based off how much work and time the touch-up will require.

If you’re interested in booking with one of our artists, you can either contact them directly or contact the studio by email. The artist will then go over your ideas with you. Please have as much information as possible, including references and sizing so that artist can create the perfect design for you. If you’re both happy to move forward, we’ll then book you a tattoo appointment. You can choose to come in for a free consultation prior to your appointment or even prior to booking if it makes you feel more comfortable. We’re here to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Each artist has their own way of doing things. Some artists will show you a design couple days prior to your appointment and others will wait until the day of the appointment. During the booking/consultation process, talk to your artist and they will let you know their process.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, contact your artist and let them know as soon as possible. If you give notice at least 7 days prior to your appointment, that will give them the opportunity to book someone else in and we can rebook you an appointment date without losing your deposit. After the 7-day mark, your artist will assess the situation based off the circumstances and decide whether they want to rebook you or keep the deposit. If you wish to cancel, unfortunately we do not refund deposits. However, there are exceptions made under certain extenuating circumstances. Please contact your artist to discuss.

We only tattoo clients over 18 years of age. There are no exceptions.

Our artists are usually booked months in advance. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to call and see if one of our artists happen to have some free time to get you in. It’s unlikely, but you might get lucky!

Yes, we offer e–gift certificates as well as gift cards. They are beautifully designed and make for a great gift. We also have ready-made gift boxes, with a gift card and aftercare products. You can put any amount on the certificates.

No, all consultations are free. Once you decide you’d like to book an appointment, we take a $150 deposit to secure your spot. Once your tattoo is done, we subtract that amount from the total price.

During your consultation, your artist will provide an email address to etransfer your deposit. In the etransfer memo please include: Your name, your artist’s name, your email address, and if already determined, your appointment date.